Fifth wheel car transporter, single axle 7000 kg

Type: OA-700-1D

Approved for fast moving trafic;

Chassis complete sink plated, 5500 kg AIR suspension, 4 x 17,5” wheels with steel rims, air brake system and multivolt WABCO EBS, 2” kingpin at +/- 860mm, approved bumper construction, mud guards with non splash, reflection tape, EU approved lighting, GVW 7000 kg (1500+5500 kg), loading deck 7 x 2,2 meter, 10 lash hooks in the side beams, floor of tearplate with holes for stands. Approximate weight 1900 kg.

Optional (options will increase the weight):

  • GVW to 7500 kg (1500+6000) Air suspension
    Double axle 2x 3000 kg
  • GVW to 10000 kg (2000+8000) Air suspension
    Double axle 2x 4000 kg
  • Deck length 1 meter extra (max 9,5 meter)
  • 12- 24V led lights
  • LED controlbox
  • Spare wheel in bracket
  • Hard wood floor
  • Loading ramps below deck 4000 kg capacity
  • Loading ramps below deck 6500 kg capacity
  • Stand/ holder for wheel (to place in deck floor)