Regular drop deck 6500 kg

Type AL-650-2E

Approved for fast moving trafic;

Chassis complete sink plated, 6000 kg tandem axle ALKO with rubber suspension, 4x 205/65 R17,5 wheels with steel rims, air brake system and multivolt WABCO EBS, DIN 40mm coupling at 500mm (+/-50mm), approved bumper construction, mud guards with non splash, reflection tape, EU approved lighting, GVW 6500 kg (500+6000 kg), loading deck 3,9 x 1,9 meter, 10 lash hooks in the side beams, floor of watertight glued birch 18mm with non slippery coating, strong front wheel, manual stands at the back. Approximate weight 1500 kg

Optional (options will increase the weight):

  • GVW to 8000 kg   (500+7500 kg)
  • Deck length to 5 mtr
  • 12- 24V led lights
  • LED controlbox
  • Spare wheel in a bracket
  • DIN 50mm coupling
  • VBG 57,5mm coupling
  • Hard wood floor
  • Floor of steel mesh