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Bateck BV specializes in the sale, construction and repair of hydraulic loading and unloading systems up to a range of approximately 10 tonne metres. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, we are able to give good advice about the right (loading) crane for your application. Strength and stability calculations can be carried out with the engineering department to bring your project to a successful conclusion. We are a dealer of HC Holland, a hydraulic truck-mounted crane without electronics. Robust and simple. But we can also build other brands of cranes for you.

After the loading cranes have been built, we take care of the commissioning inspection in accordance with NEN-EN12999 and we can apply the RAI-ALK truck-loading crane quality mark.     

By going just that little bit further in the finish and thinking about a safe solution for every situation, Bateck BV has already been able to realize many different crane constructions.

Frequently asked questions about loader cranes

A truck-mounted crane is an aid for loading and unloading goods. A truck-mounted crane can also be used for lifting work. Consider, for example, the installation of gates, fencing and the like.

Mostly not. Because standard trailers are always designed to carry as much load as possible (lightweight) and for an evenly distributed load. Installing a truck-mounted crane places very different stresses and loads on the vehicle, which means there is a high risk of cracks in the chassis. The wheelbase is also usually not correct, which can lead to too high ball pressure or negative ball pressure, which is extremely dangerous. That is why we always build our own trailers, mapping out the optimum weight ratio and building a torsionally rigid chassis with integrated struts. This ensures a safe and stable vehicle. 

We always follow the European standard for loader cranes, EN12999. In addition, the Machinery Directive also applies. Entirely in accordance with EN12999, we will carry out the commissioning tests. Depending on the capacity of the crane, an annual inspection may or may not be required.