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The importance of engineering

In engineering, it is important for various reasons to test the feasibility of your wishes and ideas prior to the assignment. The engineering department not only has very advanced computer techniques for this, but also has many years of practical experience in the field of welding and construction technology, pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics. With this knowledge of technology, we are able to carefully and realistically map out the feasibility of your project. Clear communication is very important here.


What we can do for you

We generate complete 3D CAD models, necessary strength calculations, stabilization calculations, electrical diagrams and, if necessary, inventory and risk assessments and construction files (CE). Bateck BV can supervise the entire process from design to realization for you in-house and under your own management. In addition to our own office, we also have access to a modern workshop where we can develop, build and test all projects / prototypes.


Engineering in combination with other departments

Our engineering department supports the Vehicle Technology and Machine Building departments to achieve the desired end result efficiently and purposefully. By continuously developing and innovating, we are able to think along with your customized machine(s). We can guide you through the entire process from the first sketch to a working end result. Curious about the possibilities? Then get in touch.

Engineering FAQs

Engineering is the field that focuses on the development of technical parts, products and/or systems with the aim of realizing a functioning machine. We use modern software / analysis packages for this. There are many harmonized standards which serve as a basis for the developments.

We use engineering for the development of vehicles and machines. In addition, we can test the feasibility of your wishes at an early stage. We look at which requirements and standards we must meet in order to be able to realize your issue in accordance with the desired safety and practical applicability. 

An engineer is the person (often an engineer) who knows how to convert theoretical science into a practical translation of the issue and who knows how to apply this in such a way that a working end result is achieved.