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mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering
mechanical engineering


Machine construction is an important part of our modern world and stands for the production of machines and technical installations. It comprises a widely varied work process, including the conversion of complex issues into a functional design and the actual building of the machine.




  1. Improves productivity: Mechanical engineering improves the productivity of companies by automating certain processes and increasing efficiency.
  2. Increases the quality of products and services: The use of advanced machines and technologies improves the quality of products and services.
  3. Speed up production: Machine construction makes it possible to produce more and more accurately in a shorter time, leaving you with more time. 
  4. Reduces costs: Automation and increasing efficiency through machine building can help companies save costs.


Years of experience in mechanical engineering


Thanks to years of practical experience in the field of electricity, hydraulics, construction and mechanics, we can empathize with the needs and wishes of the customer. By continuously developing and innovating, we are able to think along with your customized machine(s). Thanks to the cooperation between the machine building and engineering departments, we are able to develop new concepts entirely or partly under our own responsibility into a practical and workable solution for your situation. We can guide you through the entire process from the first sketch to a working end result. Naturally, this also includes machine safety such as CE marking, construction file. In addition to its own brand semi-trailers, trailers and bodies, Bateck BV also manufactures and supplies numerous machines that it builds specifically for its customers.

Frequently asked questions about mechanical engineering

Machine construction is the design and realization of technical solutions of processes in the form of machines. The customer's wishes are carefully mapped out and adjusted to questions and possibilities during the design process. 

Mechanical engineering is an essential discipline used to design and build custom machines and equipment based on your needs. Machine construction can be found in various sectors, including the agricultural sector and construction. These are the sectors in which we are active, among others. View the offer for this.

A machine builder makes machines for individuals or companies. We focus on the local and international business market. The machines we make ourselves are controlled by electronics. We apply extra parts to the chassis (the basic construction of a machine) according to the customer's wishes.