About us

Logo Bateck VoertuigtechniekBateck is a young company, but with almost 15 years if experience the right address for customer build transport solutions for B (E) or C (E) driving license.

Bumper pull trailers and fifth wheel trailers are build single or in small series. With this we can deliver customer service for each fifth wheel of bumper pull trailer. Beside trailers Bateck also builds special bodywork for trucks and we represend HC mobile truck cranes. Because of our years of experience for construction work, chassis manufacturing, body works, air brake systems, hydraulics and electrics is Bateck your partner for transport solutions based on quality ahead!


The way we work?

Bateck distinguish itself by our customer service. Each project starts with a conversation with the customer, to specify the needs and wishes. With this we provide 3 dimensional drawings so you know what you will get. In this stage we can still adjust for extra needs or

wishes. After the approval of the customer we will start our production works. Delivery of parts and steel works are done by our standard delivers which we are in good contact with. With these partners we stand for quality of our products. Almost all steel parts are sink plated for a long lifetime. With the assembling of standard axles, tyres and braking components we deliver a unique product. After the technical approval within our company the product will be tested and approved by the authority.


Why choose for Bateck?

  • Years of experience
  • Custom build solutions
  • Quick response
  • Honest and clear advise
  • Good price/ quality
  • Thinking in solutions